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Trash wheels clear and till seedbed
"It clears residue from a4 to 6 in. wide zone in front of your planter, allowing you to plant into standing unchopped cornstalks and lightly tills the soil to create a garden-like seedbed," says Jim Bassett, president, Dawn Equipment Co., DeKalb, Ill., about the company's new "Trash Wheels" for row crop planters.
Trash Wheels, which bolt onto the planter row unit, consist of pairs of free-turning, ground-driven steel wheels that till and clear a path for each planter opener. The intersecting wheels self-clean themselves.
"Other trash clearing units sweep trash aside without tilling the ground, and most have no depth control relative to the V-opener," says Bassett. "Our goal is to eliminate spring tillage. We've tested Trash Wheels on over 18,000 acres over the past three years under no-till, minimum till, and ridge-till conditions. They're a big improvement over no-till coulters, which just slice through residue but don't sweep it out of the way. Getting residue out of way improves depth control and chemical effectiveness."
An optional "Quicklift" mounting system lets you quickly raise and lower the units when changing from no till to conventional planting or on headlands.
Sells for $179 per row. The Quicklift option costs $120 per row. The screw adjust option costs $56 per row.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Dawn Equipment Co., 1913 W. Fairview Drive, DeKalb, Ill. 60115 (ph 815 756-1801).

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