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Door Lock Made From Bike Pedals
"It works better than any door latch I've ever seen on a shop, barn or garage," says John Thiessen about a door latch he made from bike pedals.
The pedals came off a kid's 16-in. bike. He fitted the pedals and bearings into the existing lock hole in the 3 by 6 1/2-ft. swinging door of his 40 by 50 ft. shop.
On the outside of the door, he made a 4 by 4-in. mounting plate out of 3/8-in. thick steel, welded it to the bicycle sleeve and screwed it to the door. He made a 6 by 6-in. striker plate out of 1/8-in. flat metal and screwed it to the door jam.
The striker plate has a hole near the top into which a padlock is inserted to fit over the outside pedal arm to lock the door. The inside pedal arm is spring loaded.
To open the door, he simply lifts up on the outside pedal arm or pushes down on the inside pedal.
"It didn't cost anything and it'll far outlast conventional door latches," he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John M. Thiessen, Box 758, La Crete, Alberta, Canada TOH 2HO (ph 403 928-2203).

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