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Round Calf Hutches Make Perfect Round Bale Feeders
Round calf hutches make ideal bale feeders for small calves, according to Al Beriswill.
"We use a 6-ft. dia. hutch over a 5 1/2-ft. dia. bale to feed calves up to 400 lbs.," says the Valley City, Ohio, farmer. "The mini hutch is comparable in price - $175 in our area - to a bale feeder for larger animals but has a lot of advantages over them."
The plastic hutch protects the bale and also makes access to bales easy for calves.
"It's perfect for small calves," he says. "It takes them a while, but they eat the whole bale. They'll push it around to get the hay, but they can't get in because we put two bars over the openings."
A larger size hutch is available for $235, Beriswill notes, adding that it might be suitable for larger calves.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Al Beriswill, 2200 Station Rd., Valley City, Ohio 44280 (ph 216 483-3871).

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