1993 - Volume #17, Issue #1, Page #32
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Hand carved wooden toys

I hand-carve wooden tractors, combines, birds, fish, ducks, owls, etc., on consignment with such life-like detail that many people think I make them from kits. I've carved old Deere A and B, Farmall, and Allis-Chalmers tractors, two combine models, and a road grader and airplane. I recently carved a Massey Harris 33 tractor using photographs in a book. The combines are 2 ft. high and 3 ft. long complete with wooden wheels and grain auger. The wheels even have lugs. !generally use basswood to carve my models. Each model is hand rubbed and "burned", then painted. I'm now making an old-fashioned corn shucking wagon with big bang boards on each side and wooden spoke wheels. (Frank Gonsior, Rt. 2, Box 208, Central City, Neb. 68826 ph 308548-2603).

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1993 - Volume #17, Issue #1