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Dual Tank Toilet
I'm sending along a drawing of my patented new "dual tank" toilet which I hope to bring onto the market. Unlike ordinary toilets, which use up to 5 gal. of water for every flush, my toilet uses only the amount of water needed. It looks like a conventional toilet but has two flush handles, one on each side. A watertight partition divides the tank into two sections, one measuring just 1/4 of the volume of the tank. Both sides of the tank are fitted with flapper valves and their own inlet filler tubes so you can use either or both of the tanks to flush. It will save a tremendous amount of water. (Daniel C. Kuzic, P. Unit Q, Box801, 27St. Clair Ave. E., Toronto, Ontario M4T 2N7 Canada)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #1