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Compressed gas tank for valve alarm
Anyone who's ever forgotten to turn off the valve on a compressed gas tank and later found that expensive gas had been wasted will be interested in this new 'Valve alarm" that clamps onto the valve on top of any compressed gas cylinder.
The "valve alarm" is secured by a wing nut and becomes an extension of the original valve knob. The alarm is activated when-ever the valve is open. It comes in two models. On one model a red LED light flashes at two-second intervals, and on the other a signal sounds at one-minute intervals. It saves you money by eliminating waste and also reduces health and safety hazards. If a farmer is busy he'll often shut off the controls at the torch, but forget to shut off the valve on the cylinder. When he comes back later he finds the gas is gone. Leaking gas can also be dangerous. Concentrations of acetylene, hydrogen or propane as low as two percent in the air can result in an explosion.
The new alarm can be used on oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, propane, butane, and argon cylinders. It operates on two C-cell 1.5-volt batteries. Sells for $39.95. (BCE, 6521 R 170, Basin City, Wa. 99343 ph toll-free 1 800 272-2367)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #1