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Sight Guide for Fieldwork
"We think it's the easiest, most effective sight guide ever developed," says Jean-Claude Ruelle, inventor and manufacturer of the Optivision guide for tractors that's designed to help keep the tractor on the row for fieldwork.
The guide consists of long metal rods that form a "V" above the tractor hood in front of the operator. The sides of the "V" easily move in or out depending on the size of the implement in use. The operator simply - lines them up with the previous row and follows the line.
"Once installed there's no need to continually turn around. You can look straight ahead with confidence that you'll stay on the row," says Ruelle.
Sells for about $900.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,Jean-Claude Ruelle, Optivision, S.A., 10140 Magny-Fouchard, France (ph 25 41 34 35).

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