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Corral Crowding Pen And Alley
I made a corral, crowding pen and alley out of 2 7/8-in. dia. used well pipe and 3/4 and 7/ 8-in. dia. sucker rod, all welded together. To make the posts, I cut the pipe in 9-ft. sections, leaving 6 ft. above ground and sinking 3 ft. into the ground. To insert the sucker rods through the pipes, I cut holes spaced 6 in. apart with a torch. I run the rod through the pipe and then put a weld on each side of the pipe. I made a 5 by 5-ft. gate in the alley out of 7/8 in. sucker rod that was bent and welded together. Hinges were made out of 3/4 in. sucker rod. I also made gates to the loading ramp, the stock trailer and made a main gate to the corral. Everything is built strong and tough and it was inexpensive. (Roy Krivorichka, Rt. 2, Box 54, Belfield, N.Dak. 58622)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #2