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No-Waste Loader Bucket
"Our new-style bucket for your front-end loader cuts blocks of silage from bunker silos or silage bags with minimum spillage and less waste and spoilage than conventional loader buckets," says Moe Provost, Northern Ag, Inc., Derby Vt.
The company recently began importing the Parmiter "Shear Grab" from England where it has been used for several years. It neatly cuts blocks of silage, leaving a sealed silage face. A pair of hydraulic cylinders power a front blade and two side blades down through the silage while steel tines on the bottom of the bucket hold the load steady.
"It clamps silage tightly in the bucket, reducing spillage to virtually nothing," says Provost. "The three knives have unbelievable pressure. They cut no matter how hard the feed is packed. When you go into a pile of silage with a conventional bucket loader, you loosen up a lot of silage that the bucket doesn't take. This exposes the silage to air and causes it to ferment. The Shear Grab doesn't loosen up any other silage so there's virtually no spoilage. It also works well for loading out of silage bags. When you push into silage bags with a conventional bucket, feed falls away from the bucket whereas the Shear Grab hangs onto everything it touches. It takes less than half a minute to load and unload a bucketfull of silage."
According to Provost, the Shear Grab can cut right through round bales. "We've used the Shear Grab to cut round bales into thirds and dump them into mixer wagons. The small bale portions cause less pressure on the mixing auger than is caused by an entire bale. It allows you to use round bales in your mixer wagon to make a total mixed ration."
Four pins attach the Shear Grab to the loader - two on the arms and two on the dump cylinder.
Four models are available for tractors ranging from 30 to 150 hp. Load capacity ranges from 760 to 2,200 lbs. and blocks cut range in size from 41 in. wide, 24 in. high and 30 in. deep to 75 in. wide, 32 in. high and 32 in. deep. Rear-mounted models are also available.
The models sell for $2,600 to $5,000.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Northern Ag, Inc., RR 1, Box 312, Derby, Vt. 05829 (ph 802 766-2140) orP.J. Parmiter & Sons Ltd., P.O. Box 230127, Tigard, Ore. 97223 (ph 503 620-1407).

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