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Feed Tube Shut Off Controls Dust
"It reduces feed dust by up to 85% in hog confinement buildings which is good for hogs and good for the farmer," says Gary Peterson, Gillis Agricultural Systems, Inc., about the company's new "Dust-Limitor" feed tube.
The Dust-Limitor replaces the existing feed drop tube, attaching directly to the drop outlets on your feed pipe line. It consists of a 64-in. long plastic tube with a counter-weighted flap at the outlet end. The flap slows the velocity of feed falling through the tube, trapping dust particles inside.
A counterweight on the flap holds it closed until enough feed has entered the tube to slowly force the flap open, allowing feed to trickle out of the tube and into the feeder. The counterweight arm is threaded into a brass insert on the flap. By turning the counterweight arm you can adjust the counterbalance weight for different feed densities. All types of feed, including pellets, can be used. Performance is not affected by the addition of fats or oils to the ration.
Sells for $29.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gillis Agricultural Systems, Inc., East Hwy. 12, Box 250, Willmar, Minn. 56201 (ph 612 235-0444).

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