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Stock Trailer Hauls Round Bales
Arkansas farmer Walt Krafft found a way to avoid buying a big round bale trailer by converting a gooseneck stock trailer he al-ready owned into an over-the-road bale hauler.
"Our gooseneck stock trailer has removable sides but the problem is that you can only haul 3 big bales in the well between the fenders when the sides are removed. I decided to put a support in the middle that would allow us to stack two rows of bales across the width of the trailer just like on a flatbed," says Krafft.
He also added an extension to the back of the trailer so an additional pair of bales could be carried on rear. Lets him carry 8 bales in a singel layer or 12 bales if he stacks a second row down the middle on top.
To lift off the sides of the stock trailer, he built two supports using 6 by 6-in. posts with 6 by 6 crosspieces over the top of each pair of posts. He just drives the trailer under the supports, unbolts the side racks, and uses a come-along to lift the sides off the trailer. He leaves them hanging by chain from the supports.
"We set the hay-hauling insert into the trailer using a front-end loader. Takes only about 20 min. to go from one setup to the other," he says.
The insert support rack is made from 2-in. angle iron which fits over the upper inside edge of the fenders and end walls. A double row of center supports are made out of 1 1/2-in. dia. pipe. The cross bars on top and end extension pieces are made out of 3-in. channel iron. The center supports are positioned so they're directly over the cross channel supports in the trailer's floor.
"Using all-new materials and paint, the insert cost less than $400 and only took 16 hrs. to build," says Krafft. "So far well over a 1,000 bales weighing 1,500 lbs. or more have been hauled 12 at a time over the 4 miles of dirt and rock road between the hay fields and my barn with no problems whatsoever."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Walt Krafft, Krafft Beefmasters, Rt. 2, Box 193, Yellville, Ark. 72687 (ph 501 427-5566).

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