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Roll-O-Roper Helps Sharpen Roping Skills
"We think it will catch on with urban cowboys who are tired of riding mechanical bulls," says the manufacturer of Roll-O-Roper, a mechanical device that simulates real-life calf roping.
You mount the horse, rope in hand. Then, with a swift spurring kick to both sides of the horse, the spring-loaded mechanical calf shoots out from under the horse.
If you roped him, just pull on the rope to bring him back for "reloading" and another practice run. (You have to get off the horse, however, to manually re-position the calf under the horse and to cock the spring-loaded mechanism for the next run). If you missed, you'll have to walk 30 to 50 feet, depending on the type of running surface, to retrieve the calf.
"With the Roll-O-Roper, you can practice roping 15 calves in less time than it takes to catch your horse," notes Linda Jarred, office manager for the Roll-O-Roper Co., Riverton, Wyo.
Bob Runner, inventor of the device, says several bar owners have expressed interest in setting up a Roll-O-Roper for patrons tired of riding mechanical bulls, to test their roping skills. However, he feels the primary market will be operators of dude ranches and roping schools, professional ropers, and amateur "cowboys" of all ages who want to hone their roping skills without exhausting horses and calves.
Jarred notes that youngsters "from 8 to 88" can operate the Roll-O-Roper unassisted. "Reloading the calf and cocking the spring-loaded mechanism isn't that difficult. An eight year old can do it," she points out.
The horse stands 14 hands tall and is equipped with 8 in. dia. wheels for easy moving wheelbarrow style.
The calf, riding on 5 in. dia. wheels, moves out, at normal running speed, a distance of 30 to 50 ft. when the spring-loaded mechanism is triggered. You can practice roping the calf with or without horns, and you can practice either head or heel roping. For youngsters, the calf can be made to move slower by manually removing a portion of the spring-loaded mechanism.
Sells for $865, including the horse, calf and bridle, but not the saddle.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roll-0-Roper, Inc., 4444 Skyline Avenue, Box 608, Riverton, Wyo. 82501 (ph 307 857-2046).

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