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Sno-Caps Protect Against Winter Weather
"They're the best new winterizer since long underwear," says Louis Niday, Humeston, Iowa, inventor-manufacturer of Sno-Caps, designed to keep you "warm as toast" even in extremely cold weather.
"We've had tremendous interest since introducing them at several farm shows this past fall," Louis told FARM SHOW. "Farmers with cabless tractors and skid-steer loaders are finding that a Sno-Cap can provide virtually the same warmth and comfort of a tractor cab. Persons who previously couldn't stand to be outside in the cold because of lung, heart or other problems are discovering that even extremely cold weather isn't a problem when you're wearing a Sno-Cap. They're for anyone men, women or children interested in low-cost protection from biting winter winds and below zero temperatures."
Two models are available:
The Sno-Cap hood: Made of fiberglass, it's rigid and rests on the shoulders. One size fits all. The window is anti-frost treated to prevent fogging. The hood weighs seven lbs.and lets in enough fresh air around the bottom edges to supply the wearer's needs.
The mini-Sno-Cap: Made of nylon, it weighs just over one lb. and fits over the head like a hard-hat helmet.
"The larger Sno-Cap hood, which covers the head and upper body, has been our best seller among farmers and farm wives," notes Louis. "But there are some situations, such as when operating a skid-steer loader, where lack of space makes it difficult for an operator wearing the hood to freely move about. The mini Sno-Cap provides almost as much protection from cold and wind, yet is less restrictive in terms of body and hand movement."
The larger Sno-Cap hood, .available in off-white, red or yellow, retails for $54.95. The mini Sno-Cap, presently available only in off-white, sells for $39.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Louis Niday, Specialty Products Sales Inc., Box 503, Humeston, Iowa 50123 (ph 515 877-3141).

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