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Bolt On Sections Eliminate Rivets
"If you break a section in the field, you simply remove two nuts, remove the broken section, put on a new one and put the nuts back on. No need to remove the sickle and no more fighting with rivets and getting skinned knuckles. All you need is a wrench," says Jim Wessing, Vice President of Marketing for Kondex Corp., Lomira, Wis., manufacturer of "Bolt-On Sections".
The kit consists of bolts, nuts and arch clips. You can use both the existing sickle bar and sickle sections and simply put bolts through the rivet holes. Or, you can purchase a complete sickle assembly equipped with the new bolt-on sections.
Kondex uses specially-engineered knurled shoulder bolts and lock nuts which have twice the strength of conventional rivets and won't work loose, Wessing points out.
Kits are available for all sickle bars except for those with the knife bar on top.
A kit to convert a 12 ft. sickle, sells for right at $28.00, and includes 125 7/32-in. lock nuts, 100 7/32 by 5/8-in. knurled bolts, 25 7/32-in. by 1-in. knurled bolts and 10 knife clips.
For the distributor nearest you, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kondex Corp., P.O. Box 2737, Lomira, Wis. 53048 (ph 414 269-4100).

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