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Home Built Shop Stoves
Vince Koebensky, Buffalo, Minn., built two shop stoves with totally different designs but which he says work equally well to heat large unheated shop areas.
The first was put together using a 2-ft. dia., 3-ft. long section of 3/4 -in. walled boiler pipe and 47 2-in. dia. boiler tubes. The small 2-in. tubes are welded to two -in. thick boiler end plates and run clear through the upper half of the stove. A swing-down firebox door makes for easy loading and cleanout, and a draft control is located on the lower portion of the door.
Mounted on top of the stove is a grate from an old oil stove. "It's ideal for drying out gloves and wet rags. The flue pipe is 8 in. in dia. and has -in. thick walls. Located above and below the damper in the flue pipe are two 3 by 24-in. pipes cut into the flue and welded in place which allow you to recover any heat making it's way up out of the stove."
The open ends of the 47 tubes running through the stove are enclosed on one end. A variable speed fan blows air through them and out into Koebensky's 24 by 40-ft. shop.
"The stove is made from such heavy materials that it continues to radiate heat long after the fire dies down," says Koebensky.
Koebensky's second stove was built with a 265 gal. oil tank, a 55 gal. heavy duty drum and an old 12-in. dia. by 6-ft. long water tank.
The 265 gal. tank sits in a vertical position on one end. The 55 gal. drum mounts horiontally through the center of the tank and flush in front. It protrudes out the rear about 12 in. so that the variable speed fan mounted inside it is away from the hottest heat of the stove. The fan blows heat out into the shop.
The 12-in. dia. water tank also mounts horizontally through the large oil tank. It mounts cross ways through the tank, just above the 55-gal. drum and it also contains a variable speed circulating fan.
Koebensky installed an oversized firebox door on the front side to accommodate oversize logs.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vince Koebensky, Rt. 1, Box 126-1, Buffalo, Minn. 55313 (ph 612 682-4276).

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