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Wrap Rround Spare Tire Eliminates Flats
"It's a simple idea but it works great to prevent flat tires on my rotary mower," says Irvan Creeger, Woodsboro, Md., who cuts out the bead and part of the sidewall on one side of junked out tire casings, then slips them over the smaller pneumatic tires on his mower.
"I haven't had a flat since I first came up with this idea 10 years ago," says Cregger. "The blades on my Bush Hog mower were throwing sticks and stones through the side-walls of the pneumatic tires. The `wrap-around' tire idea should work for any kind of mower or any other implement where flats are a problem."
Cregger removes the wheels from the mower and deflates the tires. Then he cuts out the bead and 2 to 3 in. of sidewall from one side of a larger junked out tire so he can slip the casing over the deflated mower tire. The cut-out bead and sidewall goes on the outer side of the mower while the full side-wall goes on the inner side of the mower, where it protects the pneumatic tire's side-wall and tread from flying debris. Then Cregger pumps up the mower tire and bolts the wheel back onto the hub.
According to Cregger, the add-on tire should be an inch or so larger than the implement tire. For example, if your implement has 15-in. tires, use a 16-in. casing. "As you're cutting out the bead and side-wall, make sure you leave enough sidewall to keep the casing from coming off the implement tire. Don't cut out both beads because you want the inner sidewall of the pneumatic tire to be completely protected from flying debris."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Irvan Cregger, 11627 Woodsboro Pike, Keymor, Md. 21757 (ph 301-898-7200).

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