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Double torch combo
"I run both oxygen/acetylene and oxygen/propane torches off the same torch cart," says custom manufacturer Vince Koebensky, Buffalo, Minn.
"Key to success of the system is the `Y' tubing coming out of the oxygen tank with two separate shut-offs. The first controls the oxy/acetylene torch which is mainly used for pre-heating large areas. The second controls theoxy/propane torch which does most of the work because of the cost savings over oxy/acetylene.
"Propane burns a bit cooler than acetylene but I can overcome the problem if I pre-heat work areas. Thus I have a very portable set-up that gives me complete versatility without having to constantly disconnect torches. The setup is definitely more expensive initially but the cost is more than offset by the benefit gained. An example of that is that in the past 6 years I've filled the propane tank twice while replacing dozens of oxygen tanks. If I had been using straight oxy/ acetylene it would have been just about a one-to-one ratio.
"I use my torch setup every day in my shop so I've had plenty of time to give it a good evaluation. Everything's mounted on an easy-to-handle cart equipped with 15-in. car tires."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vince Koebensky, Rt. 1, Box 126-1, Buffalo, Minn. 55313 (ph 612 682-4276).

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