Australian Subsoiler Bounces Over Rocks

If you've got some rough ground to work, the new Agrowplow from Australia with individually resetting hydraulic shanks may be just the machine for your operation.

The Agroplow subsoiler is a low angle digging tool with narrow shanks that leave the surface virtually undisturbed. As a minimum tillage tool, it loosens and aerates subsoils, while protecting top soil by leaving crop residue in place.

"It's almost impossible for the farmer with rocky soil to use other subsoilers that must be reset manually. The Agrowplow continually jumps out of the way of rocks and other objects and then resets automatically by hydraulic pressure back into position. Pressure can be adjusted to soil conditions. In slightly rocky ground, pressure can be set higher so it will push through smaller rocks," explains William Goins, Jr., of Liberty Machinery Sales, Visalia, Calif., importer of the machine.

Besides its unique hydraulics, the Agrowplow, which digs to a depth of 20 in. and is often used in Australia for pasture renovation, also features boltless quick change shanks and points. Both the points and shanks simply slip tightly into their fittings and are removed with several taps of a hammer. Shanks and points on an 11-shank Agrowplow can be removed in 5 min. or less.

Goins says about 10 hp per shank are required to pull the machine. Models are available with from 5 to 15 shanks. Non-hydraulic rigid shank plows are also available.