New Welder Welds Plastic Pipe, Tanks

"It adds a new do-it-yourself dimension to farm shops," says Dan Larson, advertising manager of the Brian R. White Co., Ukiah, Calif., manufacturer of a new all-purpose welder for welding all types of pipes, tanks, boards and other items made of plastic.

"With this welder, a farmer can weld plastic pipe into livestock fencing and sorting gates, the same as he's been doing with his regular welder and iron pipe. He can also use the new-style welder to repair broken or cracked plastic pipes and tanks and to reshape pieces made of plastic.

The plastic welder, built by the Leister Co. in Switzerland, is an electrically operated hand tool with a heating element. Available for 100V or 220V electricity, the welding tool produces 1,100 degrees F temperatures to melt plastic welding rods into the crack or bead. Pressure is applied to force the melted plastic into the area to assure a good "weld".

"The process is relatively simple. You can learn it with about 4 hours of practice," Larson told FARM SHOW. Different tips and welding rods are available for welding most types of plastic.