All-Weather Cover For Hopper Bottom Wagons

Custom built all-weather metal covers for hopper bottom wagons, introduced by 3-Way Farm Equipment, Petrolia, Ont., not only protect the load but boost load-carrying capacity of the wagon about 20%.

Made of heavy 16 ga. metal, the covers bolt in place and are designed to stay on permanently. They are 26 in. high (12-in. sides plus a 14-in. sloping top section) and weigh about 250 lbs. The two-section lid is gasketed for a rain-tight fit when closed.

If you have already have sideboard extensions, you can buy the tapered 14 in. high top section only.

The covers are available to fit 6 by 10, 7 by 10 and 8 by 12 wagons. All models have built-in crossbars which hold the sides together. An outside stepladder is standard; inside stepladder optional. Available in a wide variety of colors.