"Go Anywhere" Welder Mounts Under Truck Hood

New from Corral Industries, Phoenix, Ariz., is a "go anywhere" welder that weighs only 26 lbs. and mounts under the hood of most pickups.

The new-style welder employs a totally new welding principle, using high frequency instead of amperage to heat the metal. It accommodates all types of both AC and DC welding rods in sizes up to 5 1/2 in. When set at its mid range of 65 volts it can do the same work as a conventional machine set at 165 amps, the manufacturer points out.

A special alternator and an electronic unit make up the unit which mounts under the hood. The welder reportedly doesn't cause engine overheating problems, even if operated continuously for long periods of time. It's equipped with an outlet so you can run power tools, or use it to charge batteries.