Easy Way To Seat Tubeless Tires

FARM SHOW has learned about a safe and simple tool to seat the bead on virtually all sizes of tubeless tires.

Called the Bead-Up, it requires virtually no auxiliary equipment or special compressors, yet will seat the most stubborn tires, according to the manufacturer. You simply place Bead-Up over the rim of the wheel, press down on the center handle assembly until the tool is against the flange of the tire, then apply air to the tire through the standard valve. The bead will seat within a matter of seconds with only 1.5 to 3.0 psi static pressure, explains the manufacturer.

A combination "flip-flop" Bead-Up unit accommodates 22.5-in. dia. wheels on one end, and 24.5-in. dia. wheels by flipping it over.  Other Bead-Up units equipped with a single drum to fit wheel sizes ranging from 13 to 38 in. in dia. Larger or smaller size Bead-Up tools are available on special order.