Cutting Torch Burns Gasoline

An all-purpose cutting torch that burns any grade of gasoline, leaded or unleaded, just as it comes out of the can or pump is new from Petrogen, Richmond, Calif.

"Being able to burn gasoline can reduce fuel costs 95%," Jack Stites, a national distributor of the new Petrogen torch, told FARM SHOW. "One gallon of gasoline does the work of 100 cu. ft. of acetylene." He cites the following additional advantages for gasoline over acetylene:

"Gasoline is lighter -- a 2 gal. Petrogen tank weighs 25 lbs., versus 240 lbs. for a full WK cylinder of acetylene."

"Gasoline is safer. It can't explode on shock and won't backfire in the Petrogen torch."

Stites notes that the Petrogen torch can cut, heat and braze but it does not weld. "Tubular baffles in the tip carry the liquid gasoline to the heat area where the gasoline is vaporized. The vapor then expands through the tip grooves out into the burning area for ignition. The vaporization process keeps the head and tip cool, explains Stites.

The new-style torch blows holes through 6-in. steel at a penetration rate of 1-in. per second without preheating. Cuts through dirt and rust without the usual backfiring, popping and sparks scattering, and without ignition, says Stites.

The "standard package" Petrogen torch includes a 20-in., torch with swivel head, two cutting tips, a 2.5 gal. gas tank, 25 ft. of oxygen hose and two cutting tips.