Self-Propelling System For Pull-Type Equipment

"Interest has been tremendous," says Keith Foster, president of Keith Mfg. and prime developer and manufacturer of the "One Wheeler", an add-on assembly that converts balers, swathers, sprayers, mowers and other pull-type equipment into highly maneuverable, self-propelled units.

"With quick-tach adapter plates, the owner of a One Wheeler can use it as a transferable self propelling system that can go from baler to swather to corn chopper and other equipment originally designed for towing behind a tractor," says Foster. "His total investment will be a fraction of what it would cost to buy each piece of equipment as a factory-made, self propelled unit. After using the One Wheeler attachment on your present baler, it'll readily transfer for use with your new replacement baler. When you buy new, you buy another pull type and, with the One Wheeler, convert it into a self-propelled unit. With the One Wheeler, only one initial cost gives you the most economical self-propelled baler system," explains Foster, who cites the following features of the new self-propelling system:

--Full power steering with an extremely short turning radius. The One Wheeler turns within half of its own radius.

--Full hydrostatic drive with infinitely variable speed from 0 to 20 mph. It's equipped with planetary hub lockout and tow bar, allowing one operator to move the One Wheeler-equipped baler, and a pickup truck loaded with wire, fuel and other supplies, down the road and from field to field.

--Complete control, forward, reverse and stop -- with one lever.

--It's also designed for full control of the baler right from the driver's seat. The seat is located high enough for excellent vision both forward and backward.