Corn Header Has Built-In Stalk Chopper

"It's less expensive and less complicated than other corn head choppers on the market," say the importers of a new corn head that chops stalks as it picks ears for harvest.

The "Harvestec" corn head, imported from Europe, quick-taches to most popular combine brands. The head is equipped with rotary chopping knives, one set for each row, that operate together with the snapping rolls and are positioned just below them. The head is also fitted with an electrically-controlled snapping plate adjustment that allows you to control spacing of the snapping plates right from the cab.

"It's a low maintenance system that completely eliminates the need for a separate stalk chopping pass through the field," says Bill Helm, general manager. "It chops the stalks into 3 to 7-in. long pieces and spreads them evenly across the width of the header. It's built in Hungary by the largest corn head manufacturer in Europe, where chopping stalks with the combine is common. Another advantage is that if you trade your combine, you don't need to trade the Harvestec head -- just purchase a mounting attachment for the new combine.

"It's available in 4, 6, and 8-row fixed frame units and with row spacings of 30 and 36/38 in. It's also available in 6 and 8-row, 30-in. folding frame units for reduced width road travel. However, your combine must be able to handle the extra weight of the folding mechanism. You can also buy the head with-out the stalk chopper.

"In addition, we offer row crop headers for milo and sunflowers. Prices are very competitive."