Giant Moldboard Plow

I thought your readers would like to see this 1-bottom moldboard plow that my dad and a friend, Dean Myers, built back in 1951. They designed it to plow under sand deposited 3 to 5 ft. deep on bottom land after a big flood on the Kansas river. The unit plows 62 in. deep with a 24-in. wide cut. At first they used three HD-10 bull dozers to pull the plow. Later on Myers bought a HD-19, the largest bull dozer available at that time, which allowed them to pull the plow with only two dozers.

Dad had a local machinery company roll the steel for the moldboard. They used the plow for two years to plow fields for neighbors, working a total of about 1,500 acres. They were paid $61 per acre. It worked so well the federal government let them use the plow long after other such factory-made plows were prohibited. Dad still has home movies of the plow working in the field. Now the plow sits as a yard ornament on our farm. A lot of people drive by and stop when they see it.