Drive-Over Weights Simplify Ballasting

Farmers and contractors who need to switch frequently from front and rear-mounted equipment on Deere 7R tractors can change ballast quickly with the EZ Ballast from LaForge. The 3,750 lb. ballast is a drive-over system that fits all Deere 7R Series tractors made since 2011. The EZ Ballast mounts or dismounts to the undercarriage of the tractor without the operator needing to leave the tractor seat.


   For mounting, the operator simply drives over the EZ Ballast and activates the mounting valve control on the CommandARM. The lift arm lowers hydraulically allowing the lift pin to slide into a center bracket on the ballast. Activating the valve control in the cab raises the lift arm and the ballast, securing it tightly to the undercarriage of the tractor with a safety lock. With EZ Ballast, no weight transfer occurs when front or rear weights are added because the ballast maintains the tractor front/rear weight split.


   If the tractor is needed for light-duty work, the EZ Ballast lowers to the ground, and the tractor operator backs up and over the ballast. Releasing the ballast saves fuel and allows the tractor to pull a larger payload over the road. Attaching the ballast increases productivity and reduces slippage.


   The EZ Ballast can also be combined with front and rear weights, so the tractor is equipped with a very low power-to-weight ratio for heavy draft applications.


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