Home-Made IBC Sprayer Tote

Set an IBC tote on a carry-all, add a spray pump and a boom, and you have a 300-gal. 3-pt. mounted sprayer. While Seth Davis didnt need a spray tank that big, the price was right.


   We have a small farm with about 7 to 8 acres of pasture, says Davis. Ive been spraying multiple products with a 25-gal. sprayer on an ATV. I was doing a lot of fill, spray and refill.


   When he bought a bigger tractor, he decided it was time to upgrade his sprayer. I wanted a 150-gal. sprayer, but when I found one, the seller wanted $4,000, recalls Davis. I looked at pictures of sprayers and decided to gather the components and make one.


   The 300-gal. tote was the starting point. From there, he went to Amazon and picked out what he needed, such as an 8-roller, pto-driven pump with 100 gpm flow. He also ordered a pressure regulator and a couple of valves, as well as a 4-way splitter.


   I got pressure gauges for the relief valve and the sprayer, says Davis. My hoses are all 3/4-in. contractor grade, and I went with a TeeJet Boominator wide coverage nozzle.


   Davis slipped a piece of wood inside the rear side of the metal cage on the tote and screwed the nozzle to it. While most components came together easily, the pump was a learning experience.


   I had to double up hose clamps on the pto pump the first time I used it, he says. To secure the pump, I first tried zip ties, which snapped immediately. My second attempt included adding bolts in holes on the pump and clipping them to the pto cover with a carabiner clip.


   When he finished, Davis costs were well under $4,000. The tote was $100, and the other parts totaled about $850. The carry-all was another $450.


   I went with a carry-all instead of a dedicated frame, says Davis. I only use the sprayer a few times a year, but I can use the carry-all other times too.


   Davis plans to add a smaller 15-gal. tank to the top of the tote for spot spraying. I will power it with a 12-volt pump, he says. Itll be handy for spot spraying with weed killer when Im using the tote for foliar fertilizer.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Seth Davis, 840 Numa Byerly Rd., Lexington, N.C. 27292 (ph 336-497-7268; seth@tigerdog-builders.com).