Trimmer Adapted For Stand-Up Use

Rick Bohl used his repair skills to adapt a weed trimmer with conduit and cable for a 90-year-old friend.


   “I used his hedge trimmer and designed the stand-up adapter so that he didn’t have to bend over or work from his knees,” Bohl explains.


   Bohl bent 3/4-in. light wall conduit and bolted it to a bracket on the top of the trimmer and flattened one end of the conduit to fit under the trimmer. He secured the adapter with radiator clamps to make it easier to attach and remove.


   To make turning it on and off simple, Bohl used light cable he had in his archery repair shop and secured one end around the trimmer’s switch and attached the other cable end to a lever handle. With the safety taped in the on position, squeezing the lever turned it on, and letting up turned it off.


   “The handle height is adjustable, as is the power cable length,” Bohl says.


   To avoid running the trimmer too close to the ground, he bolted a short piece of 1-in. PVC pipe at the end of the blade. The adapted hedge trimmer was light and easy for his friend to cut wide swaths of weeds and grass along his driveway and around landscaped areas.


   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rick Bohl, Cedaredge, Colo. 81413.