LockJaw Pliers A Best Buy

Reid Allaway, Quebec: “The LockJaw pliers and clamps I own from CH Hanson beat the famous original vice-grips in every regard. They automatically adjust to material thickness and clamp to your force setting, which is adjustable by a thumbscrew, for any thickness from maximum opening to closed. My CH Hanson units are built tough enough for constant use and have held up to significant abuse on all types of projects. I’m most fond of the large body C-clamp style, which is fantastic for welding and assembly work. I also have needle-nose and curved-jaw models which work great. It’s hard to imagine living without robust, one-hand clamping devices like these once you’ve experienced how easy and effective, they are to use. I believe the CH Hanson models are sold under different brand names in the EU and Australia. My Irwin and other knock-off vice-grips sit idle unless I run out of LockJaws.”