Dry Fertilizer Side Dresser

When Earl Pancoast searched FARM SHOW’s Archives for ideas to side dress with dry fertilizer, up popped a page from Vol. 12, No. 2. The story featured the late William Stahl, Loysville, Penn. He mounted fiberglass hoppers holding 700 lbs. of dry fertilizer on a toolbar with Yetter coulters and dry application tubes behind them for side dressing no-till corn. His rig also had a row crop cultivator he could attach to the rear in conventionally tilled ground.


   “Stahl’s rig was just what I was looking for,” says Pancoast. “I started looking for the components I needed at local auctions.”


   He picked up a 6-row, 30-in. row IH cultivator at one auction and a set of fertilizer boxes from a Deere 7000 planter at another one. He also picked up a hydraulic drive cross auger at a third auction.


   “I recalled my dad doing something similar with a Minneapolis Moline cultivator and fertilizer boxes,” says Pancoast. “Unlike his or Stahl’s, which had ground drives, I mounted the hydraulic drive from the cross auger.”


   The hydraulic drive gives Pancoast more control and a bigger operating window. “Sometimes the corn gets away from me and gets too tall for a ground drive unit,” he says. “With the hydraulic drive, I can raise the toolbar up and drop the fertilizer alongside the row. It’s not as good as scratching it in, but it works.”


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