He Built A Buzzsaw To Cut Firewood

FARM SHOW contributor Tony Bunniss built a buzzsaw to improve efficiency when cutting firewood.


    The saw has a story that spans several years. After moving to the country, Bunniss purchased six acres adjacent to his property with plans to harvest firewood from it.


    “I was no stranger to felling trees and cutting firewood with a chainsaw,” he explains. “The home where I grew up was heated with wood. From about 13 years old on, I was the logger.”


    He had never had the opportunity to use a buzzsaw due to his father’s belief they were too dangerous.


    But, after exclusively heating with wood for three years, Bunniss became tired of cutting up logs with his chainsaw. So, he decided to build a safe buzzsaw and worked with his friend and neighbor Curt to refine the design. The resulting machine is self-contained, safer and towable.


    The blade is enclosed in a shield that travels back and forth with the platform. An automatic lock on the platform unlocks when a log is placed on it. These two prevent anyone from falling into the blade.


    The saw, which is powered by a 10 hp. Kohler engine, cost only a few hundred dollars to build.


    Curt passed away in 2017, and Bunniss painted the saw red to honor his friend’s longtime love of red tractors.


    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tony Bunniss, Webster, Minn. (glennlee1964@gofast.am).