Overhead Sliding Drawer For Pickup Toppers

"Our new overhead sliding drawer uses the wasted space directly beneath your pickup topper to organize and secure tools and other equipment. It's really handy to use," says Mitch Johnson, Radco, Fargo, N. Dak.
The Leer Locker consists of a 36-in. wide lightweight aluminum drawer wrapped in marine grade carpet that mounts on a steel frame. The ceiling-mounted storage system slides on ball bearing rollers and is fitted with adjustable storage dividers. To access the contents the operator grabs a pair of handles on back and then pulls the drawer back and down. The unit has a dual rotary latching system and dual push button locks, one on each handle. Drawer capacity is 100 lbs.
The system extends 8 in. below the top of the topper and has about 6 in. of storage depth.
"Installation requires drilling 4 holes in the topper and then bolting it on. Rubber dampeners on the bolts keep water out," says Johnson.
The Leer Locker is available in 50 and 60-in. lengths. Both sell for $799.95 plus S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Radco, 14336 Dellwood Drive., Baxter, Minn. 56425 (ph 888 637-9638; info@radco.com; www.radco.com).