Pickup Equipped With Pto, Hydraulics

"It eliminates the need for a tractor on many different jobs," says Charles Beldt, Ashton, Iowa, who mounted a pto on back of his 1973 Ford 1-ton pickup, allowing him to use the pickup to operate self-unloading wagons, manure spreaders, elevators, etc.

Beldt ran a 10-ft. long shaft from a pto adapter on the transmission to the back bumper, where he mounted a short splined stub shaft (off a Deere garden tractor). The stub shaft mounts under a shield off a Farmall 560 tractor.

"The pto shaft runs at about 50% of pickup engine's speed. It took a lot of searching to find a pto adapter that ran in the right direction and at the right speed. I bought it at a salvage yard. I bought the stub shaft from a local machine shop. I mounted the pto and a pto-driven hydraulic pump on the pickup to drive a winch on a gooseneck implement trailer. I bought a 5-ton Army surplus winch as well. " I restore antique tractors as a hobby so the winch comes in handy for hauling 'dead' tractors onto the trailer. I also use the trailer to haul machinery back and forth between my two farms. Using a pto-driven hydraulic pump is a lot simpler and less messy than using an engine-powered pump."