3-Pt. "Travel Table Splitter"

"It loads itself and takes less power to split big logs," says Don Scott, Moscow Mills, Mo., about his "travel table" 3-pt. mounted splitter.

Scott's splitter is unique in that it's got a 3-ft. wide, 4-ft. long table that slides back and forth with the splitter cylinder ram. The sliding table helps move the log into the splitting wedge, reducing the spline's power requirement. What's more, because the splitter mounts on a tractor 3-pt., it can be lowered to the ground so heavy chunks of wood can be rolled right onto it. Once the wood is on the table, the splitter can be raised up again to a comfortable height for splitting.

The 4-in. dia. splitter cylinder (with a 28-in, stroke) and the splitter table mount on top of a 6-in. I-beam. Scott digs a trench beneath the I-beam so the splitter's "travel table" can be lowered flush with the ground, when necessary.