He Puts His ATV To Work

"It's amazing how fast you can work with an ATV compared to a tractor. It's also a lot cheaper to operate," says Vince Koebensky, Buffalo, Minn., who's come up with a couple new chores for his Honda 3-wheeler.

He drags 1 1/2 sections of spike tooth harrow through pastures. "It levels gopher mounds, busts up horse droppings, and prepares pastures for spring growth. It also does a good job smoothing out muddy roads since the ATV can walk through them without doing more damage."

Koebensky also built a flotation trailer for his ATV built from an old Hesston articulated commercial mower and pulled by a ball hitch he mounted on an add-on frame at the rear. "It already had turf tires so I only had to add a tongue. We use it to haul nearly everything but it works especially well for picking rocks in fields. You can pick rocks right from the seat if you're alone."