One Man Wood Processor

Putting wood up for winter is a lot easier for Vince Koebensky, Buffalo, Minn., since he built his one-man wood processor equipped with both a 30-in. buzz saw and a 5-in. hydraulic ram splitting wedge.

"It's so easy to run I let my 5-year-old son run the controls while I load the saw and splitter," says Koebensky.

Power's supplied by a 4-cyl., 35 hp Wisconsin engine that's channeled through a 2-stage, 28 gpm pump to push the 5 by 24-in. splitting ram. The 30-in. buzz saw is engaged by lowering a rubber tire clutch onto the power shaft pulley and the drive shaft pulley. Hydraulics also power a log lift alongside the splitter for lifting big logs onto the splitting table.

The wood processer has electric start and electric lights for night work.