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Lampshade Collar Stops Dog from Chewing Splint
"This past spring our dog, Sport, broke a hind leg when she fell off a jeep load of hay. It was a bad, spiral break just above her hock with many tiny bone fragments. It was going to take at least 6 to 8 weeks to heal," says Heather Smith Thomas who ranches near Salmon, Idaho.
"Our veterinarian put a splint on the 'leg but the dog kept chewing it, making it difficult to keep the leg immobile and stretched out straight.
"So we rigged up a plastic shield that attaches to her collar. It has slits in it for the collar to slip through so it's held securely in place like a bonnet. It did the job, keeping her from chewing the splint until the bone fragments began to knit together. Once healing began and the leg bone was solid again, we were able to take off the splint and the "lampshade". We kept her confined to a barn stall for a few more weeks to limit her activity so the leg could finish healing with-out further injury.
"Now Sport is fine and can run just as fast as ever. We're glad we didn't have to amputate the leg or put her to sleep."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Heather Smith Thomas, Box 215, Salmon, Idaho 83467 (ph 208 756-2841).

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