1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5, Page #30
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Farmyard Ferris Wheel

"Kids and adults all love it," says Harry Klotzbach, Oakfield, N.Y., who built a "farmyard" ferris wheel for his grandkids and to take to family reunions and church picnics.
Key to success of the mini carnival ride are the seats, which Klotzbach made using cut-off auto spindles with the wheels still attached. The metal seats, which are wide enough to hold two small children each, weld directly to the wheels with the center of gravity located well below the wheels. Each chair swings freely on the wheels, remaining upright as the ferris wheels spins.
The seats mount on 5-ft. long spokes' fashioned from 2 by 2-in. square tubing. The spokes attach at center to a hub mounted on a salvaged school bus rear end which is driven by a 1-hp. electric motor. The motor is geared down through a 36:1 gearbox salvaged from an Allis Chalmers silage wagon. The motor is geared down even furthur by the school bus rear end which has an 8:1 ratio. In operation, the ferris wheel makes 10 revolutions per minute. At the top of each turn, ferris wheel riders are 16 ft. off the ground. To transport, a single hydraulic cylinder lifts the base of the ride off the ground so it'll transport on a pair of 15-in. auto tires.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harry Klotzbach, 7380 Macomber Road, Oakfield, N.Y. 14125 (ph 716 948-9692).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5