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1/2 Scale Farm Truck
Carroll Neuhalfen, Coleridge, Neb., spent 2,000 his. and about $600 to build a 112-scale farm truck modeled after a 60-series Chevy 2-ton truck.
"When I drive it into the yard, cars stop on the highway and back up. They're not sure what they're looking at," says Neuhalfen, whose hobby is building mini ma-chines. Before the truck he built a working pint-sized combine (featured in Vol. 6, No. 6) that's so authentic it'll harvest small grains, and he's working on a mini pickup and camper.
The truck is powered by an 8-hp. Briggs & Stratton engine and has 12 speeds for-ward and 4 in reverse, thanks to a matchup of two auto transmissions - a 3-speed and a 4-speed. "At first I thought if I used a 3-speed transmission and geared it down I could go slow enough but that didn't work. It went too fast. So I added the 4-speed behind it." He came up with a linkage system that ties the two transmissions together and he can now move the truck along at a crawl.
Neuhalfen fashioned the cab out of ply-wood covered with fiberglass. The box is all metal with a twin cylinder lift hoist under it. The swinging endgates on rear are equipped with a grain chute. All the lights work, including the turn signals. It has electric air horns. The truck is fitted with 12-in. wheels fitted with narrow tires. "I should have had 10-in. wheels because the original truck had 20-in. wheels, but I couldn't find 1Q-in. rims. I put duals on the rear," says Neuhalfen.
The mini truck is parked outside his small engine repair shop. He plans to enter it in fairs and parades. He's going to build a small trailer to pull behind the truck to carry his mini combine so he can set it up to look like a custom combiner rig.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Car-roll Neuhalfen, Coleridge, Neb. 68727 (ph 402 283-4538).

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1989 - Volume #13, Issue #6