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Pistoimatic Grease Gun
While trying to grease a difficult-to-reach U-joint on an articulated tractor, I got an idea for a way to make greasing easier. The U-joint was located in a rather small housing with little room to work around it. I shopped around but couldn't find a suitable coupler to reach it so I decided to make my own. The idea didn't work until I added a 3600 swivel at the base of the hose to eliminate kinking and twisting of the hose. Then it worked so well it made all greasing easier. It's like having a grease coupler on the end of your index finger.
Most existing flex couplers have tried to add flexibility at the coupler end of the hose, resulting in a coupler too bulky to get into tight spaces. They also often require two hands to adjust the angle, which is frustrating in tight quarters. After several months of perfecting it, I decided to test market the coupler in my local area. After purchasers had used it for a couple months I did a survey and found 100 percent satisfaction with everyone who had used it. Repeat orders have been strong. People like the fact it'll grease at virtually any angle, for instance when a U-joint stops at an awkward angle, or to tube ball joints and tie rods without removing wheels.
We sell an 18-in. hose with the new angled joint on one end and the swivel at the other ($21.95). Designed to fit any hand grease gun. We also sell the patent-pending hose together with a Pistolmatic grease gun ($44.95). (Roy J. Kangas, ABE Supply, Rt. 2, Box 595, Dodgeville, Mich. 49921 ph 906 482-3161)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #4