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Remote Control Kit For Combine Cleaning Sieves
You can adjust the bottom cleaning sieve in your combine from the cab with a new add-on remote control kit invented by Canadian farmer Harlan Bestland, Brunkild, Manitoba.
The kit consists of a bracket that mounts on either side of the sieve control levers. A threaded rod, that runs between the brackets, fastens to the control levers and is turned by a remote hand-crank that can be mounted in the cab or anywhere on the combine for easy access. Ordinary hydraulic hose runs from the hand crank to the control bracket. Bestland says hydraulic hose can be threaded throughout the machine and will turn the sieve adjustment screw without distortion.
He notes that the control kit lets you change sieve air flow in seconds when moving between fields with varying amounts of residue, or when changing crops. You can preset "stops" on the adjusting screw to know exactly what angle you're setting the sieves at each time. Or, you can use the adjustment to fine-tune the setting on the go. "Lots of guys don't adjust sieves when they should because it takes so much time. This makes it easy," says Bestland, who's found a manufacturer to produce the kit. It sells for $130 (Canadian).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roblin Welding & Repair, Box 1399, Roblin, Manitoba Canada (ph 204 937-4633 or 736-4207).

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