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Bubbler Detects Engine Problems
New from Klein Enterprises is a handy radiator tester that can detect cracked heads, blocks, faulty head gaskets and other present or potential engine problems.
Called the "Bubbler," it signals the presence of air in the radiator which is a sign of a faulty head, block, gasket or other problem.
The handy new device can be used to test engines in used cars, trucks or tractors be-fore buying, and to check presently owned engines during normal maintenance for internal problems that have already occurred, or are about to occur.
The "Bubbler" consists of three parts: An upper cap, a middle transparent sight glass, and a lower nosecone which you slip into the top radiator opening.
"When a leak develops between the engine block, head or head gasket and the water jacket, the pressure built up in the combustion chamber is many times the normal 14 psi pressure under which most cooling systems operate and air bubbles will be created in the radiator," the manufacturer points out. "The Bubbler makes it easy to spot the presence of escaping combustion gases moving through the water in a radiator by allowing the bubbles to come up and into its clear plexiglasss water-filled tube where they're easily seen."
Sells for $16.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Klein Enterprises, Rt. 1, Box 20A, Alhambra, Ill. 62001 (ph 800346-4111).

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