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Handy Cart Used In Stanchion Barn
I built this handy cart to use in our stanchion barn so we don't have to bend down to reach wash pails and other equipment.
I attached wheels and handle off an old lawn mower to the top of a 55-gal. plastic drum. I cut the bottom third of the drum off so it's open at the bottom. The wheels mount to the side of the drum with 1/8 by 1 1/2-in. flat stock. The handle bolts to the side of the drum and the other side was cut off and mounted to a bolt on top center of the drum. I cut three holes in the top of the drum large enough to accommodate three wash pails and made a smaller hole under the handle for a trash bucket I hang underneath. I made a paper towel holder from a piece of 1-in. dia. plastic water pipe. It has a hole in one end to fit over a 12-in. by 3/8-in. dia. bolt and a slot in the other end to slide over the head when putting on a new roll of towels.
A holder for teat cup dip water completes the cart. It's made of a 3/8-in. dia. rod bent in a circle with a clip welded on to hold the bucket. (Michael Dwyer, 97 Leigus Rd., Wallingford, Conn. 06492-2517; ph 203 949-8043).

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