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New seed corn blower eliminates use of bags
Farmers at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa this fall got to see a first-of-its-kind seed corn blower developed by Garst Seed Co. that lets you fill your planter without ever lifting a bag.
The new system, which will be available on a limited basis next spring, consists of a 35-bu. polyethylene seed tank, battery (or 120-volt) operated blower, 20 ft. of hose, and a discharge nozzle. To fill your planter, you simply start the blower, wait five seconds for it to pressurize the tank, insert the discharge nozzle into a planter hopper, and open the seed shutoff lever. Seed is delivered to the discharge nozzle at a rate of about 1 to 2 bu. per minute and drops out of the nozzle by gravity. As each planter hop-per fills, pressure builds in the line and automatically shuts off the blower. Then you turn off the seed shutoff lever and go to the next planter hopper.
"It eliminates the back strain and hassle of handling bags, as well as seed damage caused by mice and moisture," says Steve Mohr, corn product manager. "It also eliminates the need to burn bags which at some point in the future might be restricted by the EPA. The discharge nozzle weighs only 8 lbs. so it's easy to handle. The 35-bu. tank holds about 1,800 lbs. of seed, depending on seed size. We plan to offer other sizes of seed containers and make them stackable. It takes 6 to 7 hours to recharge the blower's optional 12-volt battery pack with the built-in trickle charger, or it can be recharged in an hour with an auto-type battery charger. Once charged it's good for a full day's use."
Use of the blowers will be provided free by the company with each 35-bu. bulk seed purchase.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Mohr, Garst Seed Co., 615 Main St., Box 300, Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058 (ph 712 684-3223).

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