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Dust Extractor for Hay, Straw Bales
"It's a horse's best friend," says the manufacturer of Dust Cure Stablemate, a completely new technique for removing bacterial and fungal dust spores from conventional rectangular hay and straw bales.
The portable machine, powered by a single phase electric motor, takes in hay and straw, combs and vacuums it, then delivers a loose, clean material that's virtually dustfree, says the manufacturer. "Our tests show hay containing 65,000 milligrams of dust was reduced to 242 milligrams after being treated with Dust Cure, a 99.6% dust-removal rate." Hay or straw bales are processed at the rate of 2.5 to 3 min. per bale. Dust is ducted away from the machine, blown through a fine water spray and deposited at a convenient disposal point.
Dust Cure sells for approximately $2,800 in England.
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