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Height Gauge For Swathers
Putting a simple up and down height gauge on a swather makes it easy to keep stubble at a uniform height, letting younger less experienced workers do a better job.
"Unless you really know what you're doing, it's difficult to always get the head back to the same height after making a turn at the end of the field or stopping for any reason. If stubble gets too tall the windrow can get buried down in it making combining difficult. And if it gets too short, you get too much straw in your windrow, sending too much material through the combine," says Larry Gangnes, Argusville, N.Dak., who put height gauges on his IH 75 pull-type 18-ft. swather and self-propelled IH 210 15-ft. swather.
The gauge consists of a piece of strap iron painted white and marked in 2-in. gradients. On the pull-type swather, the bottom end of the measuring stick is anchored to the swather's hitch. The upper end of the measuring stick slips through a slot in a piece of black strap iron that mounts on the back of the header. As the head is raised and lowered, the slotted strap iron moves up and down.
On his self-propelled swather, the measuring stick attaches to the header and moves up and down through the indicator, which mounts in a fixed position on the frame.
"I've never seen a commercial indicator on the market like this for swathers, although there is a new unit similar to this for combines. I've also made units like this for my combines," says Gangnes.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Gangnes, 16377 28th St. SE, Argusville, N.D. 58005 (ph 701-282-4083).

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