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Windrow Controller shapes hay for baler
An Idaho farmer-manufacturer has invented a drum-shaped attachment that mounts on basket hay rakes to shape windrows by eliminating fishtails and irregular shapes that cause harvester stoppages and slowdowns.
The "Eliminator" is a drum-shaped attachment that simply mounts on the end of basket rakes and rolls across the top of newly formed windrows. The windrow-shaping control it offers helps nearly double the speed of basket rakes when working through heavy crops, according to inventor Jerry Phelan, Jerome, Idaho.
"In a heavy crop of 2 tons per acre or more, it helps make an even windrow that'll feed evenly into forage harvestors without slowdowns. It also increases the wind resistance of windrows and helps water drain away," says Phelan.
The Eliminator has flat metal plates at either end and is joined by a series of metal rods. Bearings mounted at either end allow the device to free-wheel over the windrows mounted on free-swinging brackets that pivot about 300? on the end of the rake. Each unit weighs about 65 lbs. Once in place the only maintenance the unit needs is greasing of two pillow block bearings.
Jerry, along with his father Gerald and brother Rod, operate one of the largest forage operations in the country and have tested the unit extensively on their own farms. "One of the drawbacks of basket rakes has always been their relatively slow speed. We were able to operate them at speeds of only 4 to 5 mph, compared to speeds of 7 to 10 mph with wheel rakes. With the new Eliminator installed, we can now double our speed and operate with the same efficiency as wheel rakes, yet still have the benefits of basket rakes, which drag less trash into the windrow," says Phelan.
The Eliminator is designed to fit any basket rake. One unit goes on each basket. Sells for $600 per pair.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, G & P Incorporated, Rt. 4, Box 4960, Jerome, Idaho 83338 (ph 208 324-3773 or 208 324-5584).

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