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ATV Tow Bar
Towing one ATV behind another ATV, tractor or implement can save a lot of steps, says Bob Roberts, Huntsville, Utah, who made his own ATV "tow bar."
The "tow bar" consists of two 18-in. long, 1/2-in. dia. pipes, welded together to form a "V". Each pipe is bolted to a plate fastened to the bottom of the wheel yoke, just above the axle pin. When the "tow bar" is not in use, Roberts can quickly remove it by removing a cotter pin from each bolt. Or, he can raise the "tow bar" up out of the way and tie the hitch to the ATV's front carrier rack.
"We use the `tow bar' often while re-pairing fence in high mountain range country," says Roberts, who owns about 15 miles of fence spread over 5 farms. "I drop one ATV off where I'll finish fencing, then I drive to my starting point and start walking the fence. When I reach the ATV that I dropped off, I simply drive it back to the starting point, hitch the ATY up, and go home. It saves walking back several miles with all my tools."
The "tow bar" also comes in handy for towing an API behind a tractor or implement, says Roberts. "You can drive to a field, drop off the tractor or implement, and ride the ATV back home instead of having to walk back or have someone pick you up."
The hitch is mounted low, even with the front axle, so it won't tip over even on rough terrain, says Roberts.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Roberts, 8391 E. 500S., Huntsville, Utah 84317 (ph 801 745-3063).

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