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V-Top Trap Catches Pest Birds By The Hundreds
You can catch hundreds of birds at a time with this big new "V-Top" trap that's 5 ft. square and 6 ft. high.
The trap breaks down into fourteen 1/2 by 1-in. welded wire mesh interlocking panels, four corner posts, and one V-cone that mounts on top. It takes only 10 minutes to assemble.
You place bait at the bottom of the trap. Birds land on the V-cone screens at the top and hop down through the opening, then can't find their way out.
"Some customers have caught as many as 450 birds in one day. If a desirable bird is trapped, it can be released unharmed," says Jim Burton, Weitech/JWB Marketing, Westwood, N.J. "You can set up a ęCountry Club' atmosphere inside the trap to lure birds into it. For example, you can use wooden dowels to make perches that extend the length of the trap and even a few inches outside it, and you can place a 5-gal. bucket of water in the trap with a piece of wood floating on the water for the birds to perch on while drinking. Once the trap is baited you can put a couple pieces of corn or apple on top of the trap. When birds see this food they'll land and eat it, then drop down through the slot and into the trap."
You can use any kind of grain for bait. Sells for $189.
The company also sells Bird Gard audio bird repellers. They work somewhat like a CD player and play actual bird distress calls, recorded on micro-chips, over a broad-cast speaker to repel nuisance birds in farm buildings, feedlots, vineyards, orchards, and crops, etc. The distress call is combined with the call of a hawk so birds hear a danger call from their own species, and then the predator call of the hawk. Interchangeable micro-chips containing the sounds of different bird species and hawks are available. Operates on 110-volt electricity or 12-volt DC. A light sensor automatically shuts off the unit at night. A cycle switch on the unit has four different settings to keep birds from getting used to the same call. Each unit covers up to 1 1/2 acres.
Sells for $149.95. An extension speaker that doubles the coverage of the main unit sells for $49.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,
Weitech/JWB Marketing, LLC, 101 Hurlbut St., Westwood, N.J. 07675 (ph 800 555-9634 or 201 666-8334).

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